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Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon-Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin*

Saturday Night found Dan and I at the local Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon.  Dan headed over first to get some early shots.  I stayed in and waited for my parents to arrive as they were coming to take us out to dinner for our anniversary.  So nice of them, thanks Mom and Dad.

After dinner, we both headed over to the telethon.  Small town America did it big on Saturday night with acts photofrom around the area.  Most people watched this event from their homes either on tv or via ustream.  It was encouraging and inspiring to see all of the people that came together to raise money for a good  cause.  Local businesses and organizations volunteer to man the phones for an hour during the evening.  Hours of the telethon are also sponsored by area businesses and at the beginning of their hour they donate money to the Telethon.  People in the community volunteer to be behind the scenes coordinating the acts and specifics.  The boy scouts were in charge of the food stand and each time I went to the stand they were so friendly.  I had only planned on staying for an hour or so but when you walk into a room with all of that love, it’s hard to leave so we did stay until the event concluded at 1am.  Prairie du Chien is a small town in southwest Wisconsin and still raised $31,640 towards heart and cancer research.

To all of my viewers who are local you know how this affects you but to my many viewers from around the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Netherlands, India, Belgium, Brazil, New Zealand, Peru, Venezuela, and Germany(yes, I know where you’re looking from hehe)….. it is relevant to you as well.  Donating money to a good cause helps everyone.  Amazingly, you are able to view this event online and many people were calling in donations from Connecticut, Colorado and beyond.  It’s truly inspiring to see how people all over can come together on one night to do good for others.

During this night, I was also inspired by my husband, Dan.  He was up, down and all around taking photos of the event being sure to illuminate all emotion throughout the evenings events through his photos.  Since I was at the event, I can truly say that when I look at all of his photos from the night they truly depict the love, teamwork and generosity given by everyone who was a part of the Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon.  Dan has told me that he believes that his photojournalism photos need to tell a story in themselves and they do just that.

Vist local Prairie du Chien photographer, Dan Howard’s work

As a community member, I would like to say thank you to everyone that was a part of the Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon.  Thank you for opening up the evening to the community in a multitude of ways;  facebook, live stream on ustream, local Mediacom broadcast on television and being able to walk into where the even was being aired.  Thank you to all those who shared their talents, may we all remember that it isn’t easy to get up in front of a crowd let alone knowing that you are on tv and the web at the same time.  Thanks to people like all of you who volunteered many days and hours for this event, your time wasn’t and will never be wasted.  Bless all of you.


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