F 1st Annual Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon* ~ Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon PDC

1st Annual Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon*

Saturday, January 31 1976

1st Annual Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon

Wow, what a beginning. Televising from the Kickapoo Antenivison Studio, with Richard Hagensack as the Technical Coordinator, we had Jim Bittner and Bob Ziel  pantomiming , with Jim being the Host of Hosts. Bob Steele was making those Ivories on the Piano dance, and Kids lined up to put money in the Fish Bowl, while the Ding-a-lings played their favorite tunes, people from the community were answering phones, and Bob Sebastian counted the 1st $3000.00 raised for research to find curses for heart and cancer patients. This January 31 we will be broadcasting the 40th EAGLES HEART AND CANCER TELETHON from Bluff View School. Last year we took in over $31,000.00 for research going to the U-W Madison Heart and Cancer Research Labs, Gundersen Lutheran and Franciscan Skemp Research Labs of La Crosse. This year the Telethon will reach an incredible level of giving. During the evening we will go over $750,000.00 , that is 3/4 of million dollars.

Does what we do make a difference? Let’s remember, 40 years ago what the word heart attack or cancer meant to our loved ones. Today we hear things like, early detection, treatments, healthy alternatives, and ask questions about your options, as you move forward with your life. Does it make a difference, just ASK A SURVIVER? WE DO, WE CAN, WE WILL. Thanks for your involvement.


*Tom Nelson