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Seeking Talent for the Telethon

The Prairie du Chien Eagles Club Heart and Cancer Telethon will be held for the 43rd year on the last Saturday of January starting at 5 p.m. and lasting until 1 a.m. the next day. The telethon will be broadcast live from Bluff View School in Prairie du Chien and air on the local cable TV station, channel 6.
Local talent is currently being recruited to perform for the telethon audience, according to Tom Nelson, one of the event's coordinators.
"We are looking for people who can perform or entertain. We welcome groups and individuals of all ages;' Nelson said. "Performance times are usually between five and 10 minutes. People can do multiple' performances throughout the evening if they wish.
"If people are interested, we would like to know as soon as possible. The hours fill up very fast and it helps us get organized if we can get them on the schedule."
Nelson said musicians, dancers, comedians, community groups, church choirs, school groups,. demonstration groups and others are invited to perform on the informal stage.
"We're looking for a variety of talent," he said. "We have repeat talent but new talent is always welcome." -
Some of the more famous telethon entertainers have included the Dingalings, who have provided a touch of flair to the event for each of its 42 years, and vocalist Autumn Skye Kivi, who came to the telethon as a near-toddler and now has blossomed into a beautiful young singer.
Also, the Prairie du Chien High School jazz group usually closes the show. "And Morris Corlett has sung with his mother, who is the piano player for the Dingalings, for as long as I can remember," Nelson added. "The wrestlers have done pushups for pennies for us. It's people like this that make our show unique. We really have a good time."
Of course, that good time is for a good cause too. All proceeds from the show benefit heart disease and cancer research and prevention.
To sign up for a time to entertain the telethon audience, call Ruth Taylor at (608) 326-9069, or Cathie Nelson (608) 326-8602.