Tree of Hope

By Correne Martin* – Courier Press Jan 25, 2016, Rvsd
Clipboard01The Prairie du Chien Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon will be held for the 42nd year on Saturday, Jan. 27, starting at 5 p.m. and lasting until 1 a.m. on Jan 28 The telethon will be broadcast live from Bluff View Intermediate School in Prairie du Chien and air on the local cable TV station, channel 6.
When anything goes on for 42 years, it’s always a good thing to add new and exciting endeavors. New this year will be a Tree of Hope and a Technology Moment.
For the Tree of Hope, a board designed to resemble a tree will stand on set at the live telethon. Viewers will be encouraged to call in and request a leaf to be placed on the tree identifying people who are currently going through cancer and heart health problems. Of course, they’re encouraged to make a donation in honor of those individuals as well.
“Because research does work, that’s the idea this symbolism can create,” co-host Tom Nelson explained.
Furthermore, during the Technology Moment, a “cute video,” called “Looking Up My Back Door,” by Ms. Bette Meddler, will be be
“We plan to have everybody turn on their smartphones and, after a countdown, everybody can hit the link to the YouTube video at the same time. Then we can all watch it together,” Nelson said. “It’s a neat way of focusing on the approach to prevention.”
For more information on the Heart and Cancer Telethon—which hit a lifetime benchmark of $750,000 raised for heart and cancer research in 2015—visit