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48th Annual Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon Raises $45,164

The 48th annual Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon took place on January 28th, and once again, it was a success. This year's event raised $45,164, thanks to the support of the community and the hard work of the organizers and volunteers. The event was held at its new venue, The Prairie du Chien Area Arts Center in the prairie du Chien High School

The telethon, which was hosted by local emcees Dan Morris and Tom Stram, and Dave Hemmer, featured performances by some of the area's best musicians. The music and entertainment provided by these talented individuals helped to keep the energy high throughout the event, and their generosity in giving their time and talent was greatly appreciated.

The telethon was also an opportunity for members of the community to come together to show their support for a great cause. People from all over the area donated money in person at the Eagle's Club in Prairie du Chien, and online during the five-hour program which was live-streamed on YouTube and MediaCom Channel six.  A silent auction was held as well as many other activities that were offered throughout the day and evening t the Eagle's Club.

The funds raised from this year's telethon will be used to support heart and cancer research. The money will go towards providing support services, education, and much-needed resources to those who are battling these illnesses.

The success of this year's Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon is a testament to the generosity of the community and the power of coming together for a common cause. The organizers would like to thank everyone who helped make this event a success, and they look forward to seeing everyone again next year for the 49th annual telethon.

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