F Joy and memories for 44 years* ~ Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon PDC

Joy and memories for 44 years*

Having local youth like the Girl Scouts participate in the telethon is part of the organizers’ strategy to continue the longevity this fundraiser has had in the Prairie du Chien community. Entertainment, stories and hard-earned funds have made an enormous difference in heart and cancer research through several key medical institutions across the region.
Gretchen Faulkner is the epitome of the annual Prairie du Chien telethon. She’s demonstrated her love of dancing and singing during the live broadcast for most of her life. She exemplifies the joy the telethon can bring to audiences locally and far away—the happiness and good memories it’s brought viewers for 44 years now.
The Prairie du Chien High School wrestlers have been a staple on the Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon for many of its recent years with their popular Pushups for Pennies fundraiser. They perform their promised pushups in front of the memory wall each time and, this year was part of the $46,697 that was pledged by the time the broadcast went off the air.

Lucy Anderson and Betty Cejka enjoyed a dance on the telethon stage as host and friend Tom Nelson looked on.