F Telethon Talent puts Prairie du Chien on the Map ~ Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon PDC

Telethon Talent puts Prairie du Chien on the Map

“Forty-four years speaks volumes for our community-that it’s willing to have this telethon and showcase what Prairie du Chien really is and what we have done.” The never speechless Tom Nelson said this about the Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon and its dedicated committee, talent, and viewers who’ve, together, brought a “breath of fresh air” to the middle of winter and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for medical research since 1976.
“It’s an opportunity to spotlight our youth, our working class and us old-timers who still choose to live in Prairie du Chien. Through that process, We raise a little money,” Nelson added.
The reality is, more than just a little money has been donated. The telethon has amassed over $952,000, in 44 years. Those funds have all contributed to research in the fields of heart disease and cancer, through medical institutions in La Crosse and Madison, trickling down to Prairie du Chien as Well.
In 2020, the Eagles Telethon will be Saturday, Jan. 25, from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., live from the Bluff View school cafeteria, and broadcast on local Mediacom channel 6 and on YouTube. Visit eaglestelethon.org to access online viewing-—Whether you live afar or are Watching from the comfort of your own home locally.
All are welcome to stop by Bluff View to see the telethon live. Food, treats, and beverages are sold on-site and there’s also side entertainment n addition to the ongoing show,
In addition, throughout the telethon, there will be plenty of activities, such as a dinner and meat raffle, happening at the Eagles Club in Prairie du Chien.