F One Million Dollars! ~ Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon PDC

One Million Dollars!

"Each year of the Eagles Telethon we start with one dollar," says Tom Nelson, one of the emcees of the telethon. This is the 45th year of the Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon. This year the telethon donations totaled over $50,000. With those donations, the total donations for 45 years reached over $1,000,000. "All f the volunteers, performers, and people who have donated couldn't be happier," Nelson continued.
Eagles Airies 1502 of Prairie du Chien, made the donation that put the telethon over the top. Monty Ames, president of Eagles Airies 1502 commented, "We couldn't be more proud that the people of Prairie du Chien come together and helped this great cause. We started this telethon 45 years ago and we never dreamed that we would reach and surpass $1,000,000."
"The success of the telethon has always been the people, all with extraordinary abilities. The ability to plan, to work together, to make us laugh or cry, sing, dance, or play an instrument. The people, who, year after year, have made donations of time, donations from pennies to thousands of dollars. The Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon has always been about the outstanding teams of researchers and doctors who fight for a cure each and every day," added Tom Stram, another emcee.
All of the money that the telethon has made is donated to local research centers that have made great strides in heart and cancer research.