F Planning Underway - Telethon 2022 ~ Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon PDC

Planning Underway - Telethon 2022

Telethon planning is underway. The 2022 Telethon will be on January 29, 2022, at Bluff View Middle School in Prairie du Chien. Sstarting at 5 pm. It will be broadcast on MediaCom Channel 6 and streamed on YouTube. 

Every year, the objective of the Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon is to raise just $1 toward cardiology and cancer research. Though, truly, by the end of the telethon, local broadcast tradition, a figure much larger than that is reflected on the fundraising board.

The annual event is always anticipated because of its time-honored, small-town talent, yet it has kept up with the times of technology. It's the live show is that draws people in. The part of this that makes the entire telethon so special—from the viewer to the contributor to the participant—is that every little bit makes a difference from our little corner of the world.

In 2021, the Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon was live-streamed.  At the end of the night, in fact, just under $28,625 was raised in donations stemming from the four-hour live-streamed show, a virtual auction, and raffles and contributions fostered at the Eagles Club Prairie du Chien Aerie 1502 itself. 

 The Prairie du Chien Eagles Club presented checks to Gunderson Clinic and Mayo Clinic of La Crosse, U.W. Madison and the Carbone Cancer Research Center in Madison to be used for heart and cancer research.