F 2021 Challenge Accepted and Surpassed!* ~ Eagles Heart and Cancer Telethon PDC

2021 Challenge Accepted and Surpassed!*

Absolutely thrilled by the end result of Saturday night's virtual telethon. Raising nearly $30,000 by the end of night of a four-hour streaming-only broadcast far exceeded my own expectations. Congratulations to the Eagles Club and those who are traditionally involved with the annual telethon and fundraising efforts. The tradition of Telethon Night in Prairie du Chien was kept alive another year!
I'm also completely exhausted. After the telethon was canceled and I decided I wanted to try to make this alternate telethon happen, I had 10 days to put all of this together. Many late, late nights editing video. Hundreds of emails. Dozens of hours planning and testing equipment. With a limited amount of time, and and a crazy amount of tasks that needed to be coordinated, I couldn't do everything perfectly - but I'm pretty proud of how the show was presented.
Telethon day was a nonstop rush. Tearing apart my home office at 8am and completely filling my car with computers, monitors, camera & lighting gear, audio equipment, guitars and amps, and bags of all kinds of cords and adapters. We converted a room into a makeshift television studio, battled glitches, and ultimately produced four hours of live television. It was a blast.
I'm hoping for a much more standard telethon next year. The event's magic is in bringing the entire community - individuals, businesses, service organizations, school groups, city government, healthcare systems, and a professional video production crew - together for one night. But, for this year, we were able to keep the telethon tradition alive. An accomplishment I'll always be proud of.
*Printed with author's permission.